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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions:


Message: User Account Control

Running the Setup prompts a message which is invited in to vote. Click Yes and the program files can be copied into the program directory.


Message: Do you want to run this file?

When a file is downloaded from the Internet and open or run on the system, then the message appears: Do you want to run this file? Click Run, if you downloaded this file from


License key are lost?

If you lost the license key to unlock the software, please visit the Customer Center. In the Customer Center you can view your orders and license key.


Error HHC6003 while export the tree structure to CHM

The following files are missing or not correctly registered on the system:

  • itircl.dll
  • itcc.dll
  • itss.dll

With the setup of Memo-Book or the following patch this files are installed and registered properly.


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